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Pocono Area Bail Bonds is here to provide you with fully-licensed services to help understand the bail process. Pocono Area Bail Bonds’ services stretch locally to nationally with assistance in Out of State Transfer Bonds. Our experienced, licensed bondsmen can provide reliable 24-hour consultations and services to defendants or their relatives/friends. Our company will assist you in understand and choosing the best bail option for your situation.

Pocono Area Bail Bonds can not only provide you bail bonds assistance but also help you in finding legal representation. Our organization has built a network of reliable and reputable attorneys in Eastern Pennsylvania who can provide reasonable fees and experienced representation in criminal defense.

Pocono Area Bail Bonds will go through the similar bond process to obtain and secure the release of the defendant outside of Pennsylvania. Out of State Transfer Bond fees can be more expensive than the standard state bond, but should be treated by the defendant and client as if the bond were written locally. The nature of this bond can be complex, and if this is a service you are looking for, contact our bondsmen for more information on how this bond works.

Even though we are a 24-hour service, not all counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania permit bail to be posted 24 hours a day. Every county in the state has its own unique bail bond rules wherein bails can only be posted during certain times and based upon conditions set forth by local Magistrates and County Judges. Please be sure to inquire with our agents as to the posting rules and regulations.


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