Bail Bonds Lackawanna County, PA

Bail Bonds Lackawanna County, PA

After an arrest of an person, the defendant is sent before a Magistrate Judge in Scranton, PA for a preliminary arraignment.  At this time, the Judge will set bail based upon the details of the arrest and the charges pending against the defendant.  After the bail amount is set, the defendant will be transferred to the Lackawanna County Jail.

Once a family member or a friend contacts a Lackawanna County bail bondsman, the bail bondsman will arrange an appointment to meet with the family in Scranton, PA and start the paperwork to release the defendant from jail.  At this time, the bail bondsman will cover all the necessary information pertaining to the bail bond.  This will include signing financial liability for the defendant if the defendant fails to appear in court.

After the paperwork is completed with the family, a licensed bail bondsman will post the bail bond at the jail, or the local courthouse in Scranton, PA, where the defendant is being held.  The defendant will be released from the jail after the bail bond is posted with the court facility.  Generally, Pocono Area Bail Bonds can process the paperwork within a couple of hours.  Defendant release times vary depending on the facility.

Different counties have different regulations in regards to when a bail bond can be posted.  The bail bondsman will discuss and answer how each county works and any limitations on posting bail.  Not all counties allow bail to be posted 24 hours.

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